This month we’re excited to bring you our favorite tile picks! You may notice that we favor handmade pieces from Cle Tile and Fireclay Tile. There is something so beautiful and timeless about handmade pieces rather than mass production tile, they truly elevate the design of your space.

We hope you enjoy what the Design Shop girls are digging this month!

ErinCle Tile Weathered White – Zellige

“These tiles have so much texture and variation in their form and the soft color makes for a nice neutral backdrop. I am just in love with how the edges come together and feel aged and irregular. The most perfect imperfect!”

source: Prairie Home Styling

Ashley | Fireclay Chainne Homme

“While I love a classic subway. I also love doing a fun pattern in a classic simple white color. This has so much interest while still being very classic.”


Eryn | Cle Tile Robusto

“There is nothing than I love more than brunching in a beautiful space with of course beautiful cement tile!  Sacramento Native, Designer and brunch aficionado, Paragarys is a regular spot for me. The bold cement tile by Cle Tile has me feeling giddy every time I get to sip on my drip coffee and admire it below!”
“I love everything about this tile. It looks clean, classic, and has a fun pattern. I would use this tile in a bathroom, or even a kitchen backsplash.”

source: Orlando Soria

“These square brick tiles in a simple pattern make me so happy. They have an inconsistent, earthy, finish which softens the look. Perfect for a full bathroom or kitchen backsplash.”

source: Amber Interiors

Whitney | Cle Tile Antique Terracotta Provincial Red

“My dream courtyard has this tile. I also have a 5 acre lemon orchard that I ride through with my horse every Sunday and pick lemons. (sigh) a girl can dream.”
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