We’re Digging: Our Favorite Online Shops

We’re Digging: Our Favorite Online Shops

If you’re anything like us then you can sit and scroll through beautiful online shops for hours! It’s a little too easy to buy things with the click of a button rather than trudging out to the mall, right? 🙂

It’s safe to say that we are big fans of online shopping for both ourselves and our clients. Most of what we source comes from either wholesale vendors or online shops! So this month we’re bringing you some of our favorite places to source home decor online!

Whitney  Kerry Cassill, I grew up in Laguna and often went to this small boutique called LaLa that all of my friends and I loved. It was bright, sunny and full of the most amazing, colorful and soft bedding on the planet. In High School I would save up for the pillow cases and the small personal quilts. I should have known then that I would end up in this industry, I don’t think bedding is a normal thing for a high school girl to scrape her pennies together for. Kerry Cassil is the brains behind LaLa and sells her bedding all over the world. It’s all hand blocked in India on the softest cotton you have ever felt. My taste has changed a lot since I was 16 but I’m still obsessed with this bedding.

Ashley Leif & Furbish Studio, For bright and colorful bohemian home goods.

Sunday Shop, For minimalistic home goods.

Bree | Connected Goods, Connected Goods is my go to for home accessories, their artisan goods are absolute perfection and support the artisan directly. I found Connected Goods when looking for baskets for my toddlers toys and now I can’t stop!

ErynHale Mercantile, Soft linens for bedding, tablecloths, kitchen towels and so much more and in beautiful colors?! Dare I say more?!

Connected Goods, Every item in their shop has been made with care directly from the Artisan. Part of your purchase goes towards supporting that artist and craftsperson and nothing is made in a large factory. I love the unique choices and earthy muted colors of their items!

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