HGTV filming, Leyla Jaworski,
What’s it’s like to ALMOST…film a TV pilot… Yep, you heard me right, ‘almost’ and ‘TV’…almost as in ‘didn’t happen (this time around) :-)’ and ‘TV’ as in ‘we could’ve been millionaires’…LOL If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen some behind the scenes footage of cameras, sound people, directors, me and some...
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design shop interiors dutch door, dsi dutch door, dutch door, pink dutch door
The Dutch Door We posted this photo on Instagram last week and you guys went crazy with questions about our beloved Dutch Door! So today we are dishing all of the details including, the story behind how it came to be, the color and where to find the beautiful hardware. So we all know that...
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dsi cocktails and creatives, cocktails and creatives, design shop interiors cocktail party
We had a party at Design Shop! Our fearless leader came up with the most amazing and generous idea! Leyla decided that she wanted to get the local creatives together to meet face to face and celebrate each other in the spirit of community over competition. We see each other on instagram and we pass...
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