kitchen by design shop interiors, walker zanger backsplash
Meet The Client Our client was recommended to us by mutual friends of Leyla. They came to Leyla already having plans drawn up by an architect for an addition to the front of their house. They had a list of wants for the house such as: a private office for Anmarie, a den for their...
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boho living room by design shop interiors
Meet Our Client Meghan Phillips is one of our favorite lady bosses in Sac! She owns and operates the Honey Agency, the creative genius  behind our website design! We met Meghan through a client of ours and after Meghan emailed us, we knew that we would be a match made in heaven as she matched...
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Family home design by Design Shop Interiors, Ashlee Berry
Meet Our Client The Murphy Family is an adorable family of 4 residing in the River Park neighborhood of Sacramento. They had been living in another home, close-by but were in search of something larger to fit their growing family. They found a house that was in the middle of being flipped and were fortunate...
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