In May we took a team trip to a little seaside town in Washington called Camano Island to style and take photos of one of our favorite projects to date. As an added bonus we were able to be tourists on our last day and explore the beautiful city of Seattle!

And what trip would be complete with out a few firsts and some lessons learned? 😉

  •  Nicole took her first uber ride, but not before being coaxed by the girls that it was indeed safe. #learningtobeamillenial
  • Whitney learned how to successfully navigate two full shopping carts through the aisles of Target.
  • Ashlee learned how to drive a massive mini van stuffed to the brim with styling materials, leaving all windows fully out of site.
  • Leyla came to the realization (the day before our trip) that 4 grown women don’t all fit in one hotel room with only 2 queen beds. Lucky for us our hotel wasn’t fully booked so we all had our own beds for the night!

We had so much fun shopping for styling pieces, seeing the big reveal of our project, getting to hang out with our client and his sweet pup, becoming closer as a team, and seeing all that Seattle had to offer.

Here is a little sneak peek from our Seattle Beach House to tie you over until our reveal post!

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