Reveal: The Mentink Manor, Folsom CA

Meet The Client

Susan Mentink is one of our besties! She and Leyla’s mom were friends so she reached out to Leyla to renovate her kitchen and the main living areas of her house. After Leyla finished the construction, Whitney moved in to take over furnishing the space.

Whit and Susan created a really special friendship throughout working together; she and Whit are basically the same person. According to Whit, “We’re both high maintenance but really sweet and love to cook & entertain.” Susan even attended Whit’s wedding last Summer in Laguna Beach!

One of our favorite things about this house is that it was featured in the Fall 2017 issue of Sacramento Home Magazine!

The Design Process

Lead Construction Designer: Leyla
Lead Furnishings Designer: Whitney

Susan and her husband, Chris are big travelers and have collected a lot of fun knick knacks over the years because of this. Chris majored in Japanese studies in college and they both lived in Japan when they were first married so we were able to incorporate a lot of fun treasures from this time in their lives.

They have a cool, eclectic vibe but are still a bit traditional. They’re really fun and aren’t afraid of fun patterns and prints.

Susan and Chris have two kids and 5 grandkids with one on the way and they constantly host large family gatherings. So although they wanted their home to be well-designed they also wanted it to be a place where they could host comfortably with their guests feeling warm and invited.

Whit’s fav element: “Her kitchen is my favorite part of the house, I love the backsplash and the cooktop with the huge island. I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest at her house for Easter and different occasions. Sitting at her island and watching her cook is always a highlight.”

Photography by: Nicole Dianne Photography

The following photos are by Chad Davies of Davies Imaging Group

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  1. Susan M.

    We absolutely love our home! It is just the right combination of design and function! It’s both cozy for just the two of us and so easy to host family and friends which is ultimately what it’s all about!

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