Reveal: Pretty in Pink Bathroom, Newcastle CA

Meet Our Client

This family originally hired us to do a full home renovation which was the longer term project. After they purchased the home they discovered a leak in their daughter’s bathroom so we had to do a quick renovation in there so the girls could use their bathroom!

The Design Process

Lead Designer: Leyla
Styling: Whitney

They have 2 young daughters and wanted a chic but affordable renovation. Their vibe was modern farmhouse so we had to incorporate some barn lights! Because this was for 2 young girls, Leyla wanted to add touches of pink. She chose to do so in 2 elements that could be removed at some point if need be, so she brought pink in with the lighting and wallpaper.

They unexpectedly ended up selling their home so we weren’t able to complete the full home renovation. But we’re sure happy with how this cute, girl’s bathroom turned out!

Leyla’s favorite element: “I love how the lighting, wallpaper and tile all work together so well!”

Photography by Nicole Dianne Photography

Since this was done on a tight budget we wanted to share some of the sources from this cute bathroom! Click on the links below to see how this bathroom came together:

Wall Hooks


IC Construction
Icon Tile

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