The next lady to join the Design Shop team was Ashlee Berry!

Ashlee Berry, Folsom Interior DesignerWhitney and Leyla had been a team of two for about 6 months when they realized the business was expanding yet again, and they needed more help.

Oddly enough, Ashlee had reached out to Whitney around this same time looking to see if there were any design opportunities within Design Shop. Whitney and Ashlee knew each other from their time working together at Anthropologie, so Whitney knew Ashlee was skilled in design.

Leyla and Ashlee met over wine, hit it off right away, and Leyla saw a natural talent in Ash that she knew she could foster. So, Ashlee was the next designer to join team DSI!

fun fact: Ash put in her notice at her previous job before she even had a job offer with DSI…she just knew it was meant to be 😉 

Ashlee is now a Senior Interior Designer and executes incredible designs for her clients! She describes her design aesthetic as, “Modern with organic elements like woods, metals and boho textiles.”

Some of her favorite projects to date are:

Monochrome in Midtown

Modern home in midtown, Sacramento designed by Design Shop Interiors

Relaxed Family Home

bohemian family home by design shop interiors

Dreaming of Ojai

Boho lounge by Design Shop InteriorsAshlee lives in her cute midtown Sacramento apartment with her husband Stephen and their fur baby Sophie! She loves kombucha, moon juice, wearing amazing hats, and living an all around healthy lifestyle. She and her husband are about to go on the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand so you’ll want to be sure and keep an eye on her instagram for updates on her travels!

Check out Ashlee’s home tour here!

Living Room design by Ashlee BerryQ&A with Ash!

Your favorite interior designer?
I know we’ve said it before, but she is just so good and deserves a second mention. Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors is by far my favorite designer. She has the knack to mix California boho, modern, and vintage in a way that looks effortless.

Some of my other favorites; include Leanne Ford of Leanne Ford interiors, and even though she is more of a fashion designer rather than an interior designer Jenni Kayne’s home and home merchandise is always spot on with its mix of neutrals, organic elements, and low key vibes.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
I am about to embark on a huge travel adventure with my husband. We have always said that we want to go out of the country before starting our family (since neither one of us has been anywhere out side of the country besides Mexico…. if that counts?)

So New Zealand it is!

We are renting a camper van and touring the whole North Island (Packing one backpack each for 10 days, we shall see how that goes) New Zealand is a huge check off the travel bucket list. I would also love to visit Bali, that is second on my list.

What is your biggest interior design pet peeve?
Hmmm…..I think design is very personal so everyone has their own aesthetic and freedom to make decisions on their design. But, I like when people are true to who they are and when their home tells their story.

With that being said, my pet peeve is when people just buy items to fill a space or copy rooms found online, it feels unoriginal to me.

As I mentioned, I love when a person’s home tells their story and when you walk into a person’s home and think, “This home is perfect for them.”  I believe your home should be a reflection of who you are.

What’s your drink of choice?

  • Morning: coffee with almond milk
  • Afternoon: Kombucha
  • Evening: lavender tea
What will people find you doing when you aren’t designing?
When not working,  I love to practice yoga, taking spur of the moment weekend trips (which always help inspire design), and honestly some of my favorite weekends are just spent at home doing absolutely nothing with my husband and our animals.
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