DSI Cocktails and Creatives Party Recap!

We had a party at Design Shop!

Our fearless leader came up with the most amazing and generous idea! Leyla decided that she wanted to get the local creatives together to meet face to face and celebrate each other in the spirit of community over competition. We see each other on instagram and we pass each other in shops but we never come together as friends! We had an evening filled with cocktails, creatives, amazing food and laughs until the late hours of the night and we can’t wait to explain how it all came to be!

Leyla’s Why:

Hi, my name is Leyla…and I am a competitive a**hole ….no lie, I was born with a competitive streak that is hard to explain and I’ve been that way my whole life (it’s also quite evident in my 7 year old son so there’s no doubt it’s in my DNA).  

Here’s the thing about being competitive; it can be a healthy motivator to be your best or it can make you a snotty, judgmental jerk. Thanks to the perfect (insert eye roll) world of Instagram, in the past couple of years I found myself falling into the snotty, jerk category….and that is not who I want to be.

Social media is a strange double edged sword; on one hand I’ve landed huge projects from people who found us on Instagram, I look to others photos for inspiration and find so much beauty out there being created. On the other hand I measure my worth in the number of likes and followers I have.  I found that I was constantly comparing myself and the work we are doing to other designers, wondering why didn’t I get a job someone else did or thinking how much better we would have designed something…it just became gross…and that is not who I want to be.

So, I took serious inventory of myself and who I want to be.  I will be 43 in July and a few months ago my husband paid me the best compliment he ever has. He said, “I think you know yourself better than you ever have”.  We’ve been together for 16 years and at 43, I think that is the most beautiful thing he could ever say to me.

So, I took a pause from looking at IG for a while.  I still published our daily post to keep our account going, but I really tried to avoid looking at what other people were doing and focused on what we were doing. While doing this I started to feel a shift in my thinking…and then I came back… with a vengeance.

I started following all of the local designers and bloggers in Sac that I could find, big or small, established or up and coming…if I could find you…I followed you.  I also tried to start liking your photos as much as I could, but man IG is a lot of work, LOL. In the process of all of this, I started to realize…you know what…I want to know you.  I want to cheer for your successes. I want to celebrate all of us creatives. I want to connect with you. I want to connect all of us…so I did. And we did it over cocktails, street tacos and churros on a beautiful Spring night at our studio.  My new mantra is ‘there is room for all of us in the story’. It’s not a competition.

So that’s my why…although I feel like I could write like 5 more pages on this…I won’t…go look at our beautiful photos instead!  ☺

Design Concept, Styling & Party Planner Extraordinaire: Erin

Styling: Whitney, Ashlee, & Liz

Photography by: Nicole Dianne Photography

Erin: Talk about dream party planning execution! Having these ladies come together to make the vision come to life was really special. We were even able to surprise Leyla a little on the day of the event after all the details came together. 

We wanted the party to be inspired by the springtime and use the beautiful weather and grounds here at Design Shop Interiors as the backdrop. Once we had the caterer booked (street tacos!!!), we knew what direction to take the décor.

My first love has always been visual art and creating it. I got to pull out my tools and build the bars that we used for the party. Once those were set up, Whitney came through and styled them to perfection. There were dip dyed table linens with little tassels on each corner. We had tiny cacti in tiny pots as part of the table scape and each one had a tiny handmade bloom attached to it. Café lights were stretched across the property, they really added a nice layer to the ambience for an evening event along with as many candles as we could get our hands on!

Because we wanted everyone to meet as many people as possible, we had a name tag with both the person’s name and their Instagram handle on it. We had the name tags on display escort card style, hung on a vintage frame. It was so fun to watch everyone’s faces as they met someone that they had only known on social media up until that point!

One of the highlights for me was seeing Whitney show up the morning of the event, straight from the flower mart, and start putting together the most gorgeous and vibrant arrangements. Those flowers really made the whole event so magical. Then there was this styled moment around our Showroom sign that Ashlee and Liz pulled together. It was a showstopper!  

So many laughs and conversations were had throughout the night and I am certain that new friendships were made! The evening was beautiful and special and we may just be turning it into an annual thing.

Thank you to everyone who came to be part of the evening! We loved connecting with you and we can’t wait to foster more community over competition in this creative community!!

Thank you to these vendors for helping make the night possible!

Tacos!! Taqueria El Dorado – (916) 933-8877
Churro Kings – Call (916) 616-3792
Celebrations Party Rentals
Folsom Party Rentals
Florals – Whitney Fecteau
Photography – Nicole Dianne Photography
The Fanciest Potty, Area Portable

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    Beautiful idea that I am going to steal! Really looks like a wonderful event. Funny enough just before getting to geting to the comments I pinned about the star coffee table. Lol. Guess I will have to make/get one made, myself.

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