May 2018
dsi cocktails and creatives, cocktails and creatives, design shop interiors cocktail party
We had a party at Design Shop! Our fearless leader came up with the most amazing and generous idea! Leyla decided that she wanted to get the local creatives together to meet face to face and celebrate each other in the spirit of community over competition. We see each other on instagram and we pass...
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kitchen by design shop interiors, walker zanger backsplash
Meet The Client Our client was recommended to us by mutual friends of Leyla. They came to Leyla already having plans drawn up by an architect for an addition to the front of their house. They had a list of wants for the house such as: a private office for Anmarie, a den for their...
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Design Shop Interiors showroom, coffee table styling
How to Style a Coffee Table Your coffee table is typically in the center of your living space so we think it’s important that this focal piece be as beautiful as the rest of your room! Earlier this month we shared a round up of our favorite DSI coffee tables, and today we’re giving you...
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modern living room design by design shop interiors, modern living room, modern living room design
Meet The Client We started working with the Cooper family several years back when they came to Leyla to design their custom home! So Leyla designed this beautiful space from the ground up alongside Dedrick Construction. To finish it off, Whitney came in this year to furnish and complete the space. The Design Process Mary...
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high low powder room blog by design shop interiors
This month’s High-Low is brought to you courtesy of one of our newest Junior Designers, Bree! She designed two different powder rooms, one high-end and one lower-end. Powder rooms are a great place to have a little bit of fun since it’s such a small space. Bree was inspired mostly by the lighting and patterned...
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Meet The Client We originally started working with our client on their laundry room in a previous home that they owned. We were about to begin renovations on their kitchen when they called with a change of plans. They had purchased a new MCM house that was in partial original condition, so our new plan...
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sitting area by design shop interiors
Ashlee and Whitney are the in-house styling geniuses behind all of the beautiful rooms you see here. Those girls can style a shelf or a coffee table better than anyone we know! So, we are rounding up our favorite DSI coffee tables from some of our recent designs so you can see what we mean!...
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traditional living room design by design shop interiors
Meet Our Client Our client found us through Houzz when looking for an interior designer to make over their home. They had recently purchased their home and really wanted it to look magazine worthy. They are a family of three and while they wanted their home to be family friendly, they also really loved the...
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Seattle Beach House Kitchen, Camano Island WA, by design shop interiors
This month we’re excited to bring you our favorite tile picks! You may notice that we favor handmade pieces from Cle Tile and Fireclay Tile. There is something so beautiful and timeless about handmade pieces rather than mass production tile, they truly elevate the design of your space. We hope you enjoy what the Design Shop...
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