How We Work

Fill out our contact form and Leyla will personally call you back to talk about what you need. Since no two people and no two jobs are the same, we strive to make each design experience as unique as our amazing clients. We try to return emails, calls and texts as quickly as possible but it can take up to 48 hours.

Submission Form

Fill out our submission form, Leyla will call you back to discuss details

Book Your Consult

We’re already a match made in heaven? Book your initial consult…and just like that…

House Call

Leyla makes a house call, we meet, we have some laughs (we might even have a small therapy session) and we hammer out what our scope of work will be.


We send you a contract that covers all the details, terms and questions….you start creating pinterest boards, houzz idea books or just tearing out magazine pages the old fashioned way

Design Begins

At this point, we’re old friends… you get us, we get you and designing begins


There will be some back and forth (this is a collaboration after all) and it’s possible we will push you out of your comfort zone… but we are almost to the end and once we have an agreed up design…

Orders Commence

Orders Commence and boxes start piling up on your porch! Every day is like Christmas at this point


Want that HGTV reveal moment? That would be install day. We show up with our crew of furniture delivery dudes, our handyman, maybe the window shade installer… maybe your long lost uncle Bob (it takes a village after all)… we will probably ask you to disappear and me and my busy bees get to work making miracles happen.

Project Completion

We will probably be life long friends at the end of this process and we will continue to stalk one another on social media to be sure we never quite lose touch 🙂

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