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If you’ve ever been curious what a studio full of design girls might be into then our new series is just for you! Today we’re launching a new monthly series called “We’re Digging,” where we’ll be sharing some of our must-haves and wish list finds with you.

It’s mid-July which means we’re in the heat of Summer here in Sacramento and we’re feeling all things Summer. So to kick off our new series we’re sharing our Summer Essentials along with the perfect meal for your girls night in from our resident foodie, Whitney! Check the links above if you fancy yourself a little retail therapy.

Girl’s Night Summer Eats!
This is my favorite crowd pleasing summer salad. Its delicious and a little naughty because of the bread. Also Ina Garten is quite possibly the greatest human alive and you aren’t living your best life until you get involved with her TV shows and recipes. This is my summer water and it’s amazingly good. Just don’t accidentally drink 6 glasses poolside on a 100 degree day when on your honeymoon. It will not go well for you the next day… trust.”


What are your Summer Essentials? Let us know in the comments below!
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