This month we are rounding up all of our current favorite rugs!

Grounding your living space with the right rug is essential to your room’s design and often sets the tone for the overall aesthetic of your room.

Deciding on the size of your rug is sometimes the hardest decision to make. But, below we have outlined some things to keep in mind when selecting your rug size for your living room, dining room, and bedroom.

Tips on sizing your rug:

  1. Living Rooms: Always make sure the front legs of both your sofa and chairs are on the rug.
  2. Dining Rooms: All four legs of the chairs must be on the rug when tucked into the table. It’s also nice if the lead chairs (chairs at the head of the table) remain on the rug when a person scoots back so they don’t fumble with the edge of the rug.
  3. Bedrooms: Think large scale rugs for underneath your bed, not a small 5×7 rug at the foot of your bed. The rug should be the length of your entire bed and extend beyond the foot of your bed.

Check out what rugs DSI is currently digging, below!

One | Eryn: I chose the Ivory and black Afarin rug from Kechmara designs. In my last two visits to Morocco, I came to appreciate the craftsmanship that is dedicated to each rug. The beauty of owning a rug from Morocco is that each one is unique, each stitch, knot, pattern and dye will be unique to the region and the people weaving it. Did you know that most Moroccan rugs were not only used as a decorative accent but carry a utilitarian use as well? Family’s would place their belongings inside and wrap them up so they could transport their precious goods in times of an emergency or a move. 

I love mixing my rugs into unexpected rooms. I would love to place this rug in a more contemporary living room. It softens the space and creates a conversation piece! 

Two | Whitney: I love a good REAL Moroccan shag. We are lucky to have amazing Kechmara Designs local to us in Sacramento and he has a shop full of amazing rugs. Really I love all his shags but below is a link to one that I have a real big crush on. I love layering these over a natural fiber rug it adds warmth and softness to any room and goes with just about any style from glam to farm house to modern.

Three | Liz: I love this runner because it ads character and vintage charm to a home. I would put a runner in an entryway or narrow kitchen. 

Four | Ashlee: I love adding vintage rugs to spaces. It’s so nice to have collected pieces throughout your home that have stories of their own. Sometimes the sizes are standard and in that case you can layer them over natural fibers to add a layered look with lots of texture. Etsy is always my go-to source for vintage rugs. This shop in particular, I use a lot. 

Five | Leyla: I dig this rug that Liz selected for one of our recent installs!

Six | Bree: I actually own this rug and I LOVE it, here’s why: It’s white, super easy to clean and can go in almost any room. I have two 2×3’s in our bathroom.

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