Hi…I’m Leyla and this is the blog I’ve been terrified to write, but was told I had to ….that Meghan at The Honey Agency is super bossy :).  Apparently there are some people who think I have some pretty cool information to share and in 2017, “blogging” is where it’s at…but I swear, I draw the line at “podcasts.”  I will warn you now…I write like I speak, so pardon the run on sentences & poor punctuation.  I’m not really sure where this blog will take us, but I can only guess there will be some belly laughs (mostly at my expense), some public shaming of clients (but only in fun), some hilarious tails of the trials and tribulations in the design world & last but not least…maybe some helpful information.  I’ve enlisted my resident millennial’s Whitney Rose and Nicole Wallace to contribute to our newfound blog…because what’s a blog without a millennial, right?  Technically I’m not sure Whitney is a millennial (sorry Whit you’re getting old), but who’s counting 🙂 So….I hope you like our blog, I hope we can inspire you and I hope you like our new website because it took me four whole years to finally get it done….thank you bossy Meghan (and team) at The Honey Agency.

Also, Don’t be shy, comment let us know what you think – good, bad, or indifferent – we’ll reply – this is a two way street – who likes to talk to themselves?  And if you are dying to know about something or have ideas for a great blog post…let us know!

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