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The Dutch Door

We posted this photo on Instagram last week and you guys went crazy with questions about our beloved Dutch Door! So today we are dishing all of the details including, the story behind how it came to be, the color and where to find the beautiful hardware.

So we all know that Angie Edwards is our resident ‘Modern Farmhouse Aficionado’ and I fancy myself a little more ‘modern’ and a little less ‘farmhouse.’ In some respects she and I are like oil and water and yet when we collaborate on things…we seem to make magic together, they say opposites attract!  Our new furniture showroom was no exception!  When Angie told me she had a Dutch Door in her basement I immediately stole the idea and here I am to take all the credit for it….LOL…just kidding! 

Angie & I undertook the renovation of our showroom together and this pretty little pink, Dutch Door is our favorite design element.  It has also been our most liked Instagram post to date with more questions than we could keep up with individually…so here we are with the details and to tell you the story of our Dutch Door!

All about the door

While you can easily find pre-made Dutch Door’s in a variety of places, many of them are special order and based on our construction timeline, we just didn’t have time to wait…so we got creative.

We purchased a solid core wood door from HD Supply, knowing our incredibly talented millwork specialist, Tyler with IC Construction could cut the door in half and build us exactly what we needed. 

Tyler and I looked at the construction of several doors and settled on a particular groove style that we felt had the best weather protection and door security.  It literally was as easy as that…(says the girl who didn’t actually have to do any work) ☺

Side note on HD Supply Doors:  this is one of my favorite places to buy affordable interior & exterior doors.  Their website doesn’t do the selection justice but if you go to the pro desk, they have binders upon binders of special order doors they don’t carry in the store, some of which ship very quickly.  If you see something in the store that isn’t exactly what you are looking for, ask…chances are they can get it for you!

Angie found this inspiration photo for the color of our door and the rest is history.

The Details

Door Color: Farrow & Ball ‘Pink Ground’

Door Hardware:, deadbolt / knob

Construction: Tyler of IC Construction

Pots & Trees: Green Acres, Olive Trees

Photos by: Nicole Dianne Photography

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