Meet The Client

We originally started working with our client on their laundry room in a previous home that they owned. We were about to begin renovations on their kitchen when they called with a change of plans. They had purchased a new MCM house that was in partial original condition, so our new plan was to renovate their new home! They had a real appreciation for MCM details and wanted to restore and keep as many of those elements as possible.

The Design Process

Lead Designer: Leyla

Styling: Ashlee and Whitney

A lot of the original MCM details were taken out of the home but we were able to salvage the original Blomberg doors and windows, the stone fireplace in the great room, and the vanity in the front powder room. We also added marmoleum floors into the front powder room which is very reminiscent of what you would find in the 1950’s.

We worked with a local drafter, Panattoni Interiors to redesign the layout of this home. The biggest changes in layout were opening up the kitchen and completely reconfiguring the master bathroom which involved putting a tub in the shower to save on space. Leyla has placed a bath tub inside of a shower on multiple occasions when trying to save space, check out her own bathroom here and one of her projects here

This whole design was really a matter of mixing old and new while trying to maintain a modern aesthetic within the home! We know how much you all love a good before and after photo, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see how Leyla transformed this space!

Leyla’s favorite element in the home: “I like that we were able to change the layout of the kitchen while still incorporating that original stone wall and fireplace. I like that we were able to keep the original character of that wall and keep it a great room.”

Photography by: Nicole Dianne Photography

Before Photos:

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