Reveal & Behind the Scenes: Boho Family Home, Rocklin CA

Meet The Client

Our client was recommended to us by mutual friends of Leyla. They came to Leyla already having plans drawn up by an architect for an addition to the front of their house. They had a list of wants for the house such as: a private office for Anmarie, a den for their teenage daughters, and they also needed a 3rd bathroom added that was accessible to the backyard for their pool.

The Design Process

So, Leyla looked over their plans and convinced them they didn’t actually need an addition, they just needed to rework the existing footprint of their home. This gave them their list of wants and also saved them money.

Leyla worked out the layout of the space right as Angie joined our team so Angie took over the construction design!

Once all of the construction was complete, Liz came in and finished the space with some beautiful furniture and styling! The overall aesthetic was a mixture of boho pieces. Her overall goal was to make the space look fresh and function better for their big family gatherings.

In the main living area and and throughout the home, we tried to incorporate their Portuguese culture with different tones of blue. We wanted the space to feel true to both their house and personal style. I incorporated lots of indigo, woods, and neutrals throughout the home.

What makes the living room stand out, is the beautiful reclaimed pine and blue stone coffee table, as well as a vintage rug layered over a bleached jute. The linen sofa also added the perfect neutral touch.

Leyla’s favorite element: We completely relaid out the living room and kitchen, and without changing the footprint we gave them a full dining room and I like how we improved the function of the home without adding any space.

Angie’s favorite element: the backsplash in the kitchen and the cabinetry.

Liz’s favorite element: the overall color scheme of the home; the neutral, lived in feel that we were able to bring in with the linens and different textiles.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see some fun behind the scenes photos of a crazy install day!

Photography by: Nicole Dianne Photography

Here is a peek inside the chaos of an install day! This install was all hands on deck so we had all of the girls there helping with every part of this install! There may or may not have been donuts consumed, a uHaul full of furniture, and a range being installed among the chaos.

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