The Secret’s Out – Interior Designers On The Move!!

An amazing thing is currently happening at Design Shop (Nicole might argue it’s the fact that I am actually writing and contributing to the blog for once)….but I am talking about something much much bigger….before I say it out loud, I will give you the list of emotions I feel on a daily basis….

EXCITEMENT, terror, EXCITEMENT, OMG what am I doing, EXCITEMENT, holy crap you are making the biggest mistake of your life, EXCITEMENT how the h-e-l-l are we going to afford this, GRATITUDE, maybe I should just give up this design thing and go work at Starbucks (but then I think about all those damn complicated drinks people order and realize I would be the world’s worst barista), GRATITUDE, you have lost your damn mind, GRATITUDE, how in the heck did you let this thing get so out of control, GRATITUDE, you were a girl at her kitchen table when you started this and now you have 5 people on payroll, rent, insurance and so many other BILLS, how did you let this happen????….and finally PEACE ….i mean sort of…I’m still freaking out on the inside but i’ve made peace with the fact that this is happening and we are just going with it!  I mean, this design thing has been working out so far, right?
So….insert drum roll ….WE ARE MOVING!!  That’s right, we are packing up the mountains of fabric swatches, stacks of rug samples, piles of tile, boxes of counter top samples & baskets of god only knows what….and hitting the road!  In this case, like 1/5 mile down the road 🙂
Design Shop Interiors New Space - Front Yard Design Shop Interiors New Space - Fountain
Some of you might be wondering why on earth we would ever leave our light filled space with our pink sofa and pretty white kitchen with that cement tile backsplash (don’t worry the SMEG is coming with us)…and the answer is this space just isn’t working for us anymore.  Having now been here 1 year and 8.5 months, we are well versed on some of the challenges we overlooked when moving here.  Let me fist say, this space and being on Sutter Street has been so much fun and such a part of our lives and we have some awesome neighbors and an even more awesome landlord and leaving really is bittersweet.  It’s actually been an emotional process for me to let go of this space we created but it’s time and there is no arguing it.

List of Why’s:

 1.  we have a communal bathroom that we share with the bar/restaurants next door and not gonna lie, it’s not always a pleasant experience
2.  we are on the third floor and while we have an elevator, there is still one staircase from the parking lot to get to it and it’s just a pain in the you know what to get stuff in and out of the studio – and we have a lot of stuff
3.  parking for Sutter Street can be a real nightmare at times and no one wants to fight for parking when they come to work
4.  SPACE, we are now 6 people working in an 800 sq ft communal work space – too many bodies, too much stuff, too much talking and not enough space and privacy
I’ve also learned an important lesson in tenant improvements to a building that you don’t own….and that is…whatever money you put into it (and I put in a lot)…you leave behind.  As I started to think about this move with my husband, we both agreed that buying a space was the best move.  So long story short….I found the place of our dreams and if you can believe it…my current awesome landlord owns it!  And because he is so awesome, he is giving me a lease with an option to purchase so I can take the time I need to get our financials in order for the purchase but also get us into a space that we can be productive in.  I literally cried when all of this presented itself to me and that is when the PEACE started to come….sort of.

So about the new space:

1.  we are still in Folsom
2.  we have our own building (2 actually) and our own parking lot
3.  it’s a converted house and while the bones are super cute, it needs some work
4.  the work will have to wait for now until we save some money!
5.  WE HAVE A PRIVATE BATHROOM and while it is NOT cute, it’s ours!
6.  I have a private office (hallelujah) so I can close the door and tune everyone out
7.  the space will allow us to change how we work a bit and I’m excited to say there will be plans to offer furniture, rugs & window shades beyond just our client design work (more on that later)
A fun little fact about the property…..apparently several years ago it was owned by a pool company, which explains the water features and pond (currently there is no water)…the property is really pretty and I plan to fill those water features so don’t be surprised if you see one of us chill’n in an inner tube if you stop by 🙂
So…there you have it!  WE ARE MOVING!
xoxox – leyla
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  1. Evelia Limeberger

    So happy for you! I don’t personally know you, but you all do amazing work. I follow you to steal ideas for my own home. 💕Best of luck and can’t wait to come visit. I’m “therealsweetheart” on Instagram and I’m sorry and mad I missed your garage sale. I had my daughters baby shower on Saturday💙

    1. Leyla Bowden Jaworski

      I recognize that IG name! We love to hear things like this and hope we will continue to inspire you! As good as the sale was, baby shower was prob better! 🙂

  2. kathy

    Amazing, hats off to you for jumping, I can not imagine how scary it feels but sounds like all the stars aligned. I look forward to following where it goes, may our paths cross.

  3. Sarah

    I am so excited for you all. The house looks amazing now I can’t wait to see it in the future. I will be by as soon as I am down again.

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