Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to all of Team DSI so you get to know us a bit better!

First up is Whitney!

She was the first designer hired on with Design Shop Interiors nearly 3 years ago! Leyla was still working from her home studio and realized she needed help. She brought Whitney on, not quite sure what her role would be, but knew that she needed help with her growing business and Whitney was her girl.

whitney rose fecteau of design shop interiorsWhit’s role evolved quite drastically in her first month at Design Shop. She started out organizing binders..and let’s just say they quickly discovered that wasn’t her highest and best use. 😉 About a month after she started, Leyla tasked her with designing a bachelor pad in midtown. Whitney took the job and ran with it, totally killing it and showing Leyla what her real talents were, that of an amazing interior designer.

Since then Whitney has become a Senior Designer and executes incredible designs for her clients. In her words, she would describe her design aesthetic as, “I’m not true blue farmhouse. That’s a little too country and frilly for me. I would say I’m California collected which I think is a mix of modern Farmhouse influenced from the Fecteau Farm boho textiles and coastal influences from my Laguna background.”

Some of her favorite projects to date are:

Almond Farm Goals

The Farmhouse

Design Shop Interiors Farmhouse Living RoomThe Country Cottage

Whitney is a newlywed that resides in her Newcastle, farmhouse which she has aptly named “The Fecteau Farm,” with her hardworking husband Justin and their crew of goats. You’ll want to keep an eye on her instagram as Justin just started building the chicken coup of her dreams.

Check out Whitney’s home tour here!

Get to know a bit more about Whit!

Your favorite designer

My favorite designer is Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. I feel like she manages to be one step ahead of the rest and has a great collected look that is quintessential Southern California. I’m from the Laguna Beach area so that style really speaks to me. I’m also really inspired by Stevie Nicks, Ina Garten, Rachel Ashwell, Nancy Meyers, Napa Valley, Laguna Beach, and My mom and her amazing group of girlfriends. They love to entertain, decorate and are a seriously talented group of ladies. I grew up watching them create and design, it was always very inspiring.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go

I love Paris France with every fiber of my being! It’s where I met my husband and lived in my early 20s. I would love to go back at least once a month but I suppose I should choose somewhere I have never been. I would love to go on Safari in Africa and see all of the animals, it would be an awesome experience to see elephants in their natural habitat. Also I love to wear linen and I feel like I could have some seriously amazing safari outfits involving linen shirts and straw hats ;).

What is your biggest design pet peeve

I hate it when things are overly trendy. I think it’s important to be current with your design aesthetic but also classic. I tend to gravitate towards timeless pieces and colors.

What’s your drink of choice

I love an extra dirty martini on a Saturday night at a classic steakhouse, I love a Napa Cab sitting on my sofa watching Bravo, I love a glass of cold rosé poolside on a hot day, I love a cold Mexican beer on vacation and lemon mint water or green tea throughout the day.

What will people find you doing when you aren’t designing (your hobbies)

I love to hang with my husband and goats on the weekend planning our next crazy project we wish to inflict on The Fecteau Farm (our house). I also love to cook and be in the kitchen. A full table with friends and family laughing, making fun of each other and sharing stories is my happy place.

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  1. D. Denise Davis

    It still cracks me up that the goat-loving by night Whitney designs chic spaces by day. lol I was a little nervous when Leyla told me she was hiring someone until…Whitney showed up…the perfect compliment to Leyla’s straight shooting style. I’m not sure how Leyla managed to snag Whitney but she better make sure to hang on to this one.

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