Liz joined the DSI team just over a year ago!

Liz had been working in real estate when Leyla’s best friend introduced the two of them. Liz also has her own organizing business so Leyla saw a need that she could fill with Design Shop. We needed some organization in our lives! Her position has really evolved over the last year in that she began as our help on Fridays, keeping us all organized and running errands, now she is a full time design assistant in the decorating department.

Liz mainly helps both Ashlee and Whitney as their assistant, placing orders, drawing up floor plans, and keeping their projects organized. She has even started taking on some of her own design work which she has been loving!

Some of her favorite projects that she’s helped the girls with are: 

Modern Living Room

Elegant Master Retreat

traditional bedroom by design shop interiors, design by ashlee berry

The Farmhouse

Design Shop Interiors Farmhouse Living RoomLiz continues to run her organizing business while working at Design Shop and planning her upcoming wedding. She and her fiancé always take cute trips on the weekends and she loves herself a nice fur coat! Be sure to follow Liz on instagram as she plans her upcoming wedding!

Q&A with Liz

Your favorite designer: 

There are so many talented designers out there. The two I seem to always refer back to for inspiration are Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors and Shea McGee of Studio McGee. They have the style/aesthetic that I look for in both my personal space and a client’s space.

How would you describe your design aesthetic: 

Modern, Contemporary and Neutral, with a touch of Boho elements and textiles.

I love wood elements such as washed oaks and reclaimed wood. My favorite color palette to work with consists of white, neutrals, black, gray, indigo, and tan.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go:

This is a tough question! Ukraine is where my family lives and it’s the place that I love to visit most. So, I would always choose to travel home no matter what. But, Armenia is next up on my list! It will be a very special trip since it is the country my Fiance is from and since he hasn’t been back since he came to the US. We are both looking forward to visiting his home land and seeing where he grew up.

I always love to travel and I love so many countries for a variety of different reasons. Thailand, Australia, and Bali are also at the top of my list. I love to experience new cultures, cuisines and lifestyles.

What is your biggest design pet peeve:

I believe your home should reflect who you truly are.

With that being said, I think when someone has too many pieces and trendy collectables all over the place it tends to look tacky and cluttered. I believe a clean and minimal aesthetic, with special pieces that have meaning should be incorporated in your home.

Also, repetitive colorful prints- such as chevron, trellis, and quatrefoil are a pet peeve of mine.

What’s your drink of choice:

Morning- Lavender Latte

Evening- Rose Tea

My Go To’s- Lemon Water, La Croix, or Kombucha

Alcoholic- Moscow Mule with Tito’s

What will people find you doing when you aren’t designing:

I love to organize. Anytime I have a bit of free time, you will find me organizing a space. Whether it is my bathroom drawer, linen closet, or kitchen pantry. I’m always ready to dive into a project to make it pretty. This is where my organizing passion comes into play and where my organizing business started.

Aside from decorating and organizing, I also love reading, journaling, baking, going to church on Sundays, traveling near and far, and exploring new places with my fiance.


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