Reveal: How We Do Traditional, Roseville CA

Meet Our Client

Our client found us through Houzz when looking for an interior designer to make over their home. They had recently purchased their home and really wanted it to look magazine worthy. They are a family of three and while they wanted their home to be family friendly, they also really loved the look of model homes where everything is perfect and has a place. 

The Design Process

Our client’s vision and aesthetic leaned more toward a transitional style, not too farmhouse, not too modern, and not too rustic. But somewhere right in the middle where the style could transition over time. We kept the palette simple, neutral and clean in the dining room/lounge and added more color in the living room while still keeping the large scale furniture neutral. We did however add in an unexpected and fun pop of color with the large, teal day bed in the living room.

The first area that we designed was the dining room/lounge area. When our client’s moved in, they placed the dining table where the now lounge sits, and there was nothing in the designated dining area because they had trouble envisioning the space. So, we did the classic switch-a-roo and utilized the larger area as a formal dining room for entertaining, and the smaller area as a lounge to relax, read and sip a cocktail in.

Ashlee’s favorite element of the design: “We added a really awesome wood detail to the dining room wall using a local, Sacramento company called Stikwood. Our clients really liked the idea of a feature wall so Stikwood was a great option. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but it is a beautiful white wood wall that adds the perfect amount of texture to the space.”

Lead Designer: Ashlee

Photography by: Nicole Dianne Photography

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