How To Style A Shelf

Have you ever found yourself staring at your open shelving with out any idea of how to make it look both collected and pulled together? We know the struggle! But if you narrow down the elements used to style a shelf then it becomes much easier than you may have thought.

We are here to give you a formula to help you visualize pulling together the perfect shelfie!

The Shelfie Formula

Before you begin, remove everything from your shelving so you have a blank slate. Then, gather vases, coffee table books, picture frames, trays, trinkets and special pieces from around your home to work with.

  • Start by placing grounding elements like large vases, and layered picture frames evenly spaced through out the shelves
  • Next, bring in stacks of books
  • Then, add in small trinkets and personal items, stacked on top of the books, layered in front of frames, or sitting in the trays
  • Finally, add some life to your shelves by finishing with live plants and florals


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