We love ourselves a beautiful bar cart! And today we are rounding up some of our favorite DSI bar carts.

Bar carts are not only beautiful, but they can be practical as well! Do you love to entertain? Why not create a beautiful way to display your beverage options?

Bar carts are the perfect way to add a fun vignette into your dining room or living room. They’re also a great way to fill a small space.

Our favorite Bar Cart Elements

  • Bar books; always have a stack of cute bar books that you can top with a bottle opener or other bar tools
  • Beautiful cups; because whether it’s a mocktail or a cocktail you want to enjoy it out of something lovely
  • An assortment of liquor; for obvious reasons, right? 😉
  • Something with life; this can either be a live plant, greenery clippings or a bowl of fresh fruit to slice up and add to your drinks

We hope this gives you some inspiration to have a go at your own bar cart setup!

Photos by: Nicole Dianne Photography

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