What it’s like to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine!

As we near the end of August and my first national feature in a magazine (Better Homes and Gardens) will be disappearing from the shelves (although you better believe I have wallpapered my house with that sh-t)…I figured I would tell the story of how it came to be and what it was like…

Cut to last summer when I’m strolling the isles of Floor & Decor looking for some tile when I get a phone call from a woman named Karen (I should tell you that I don’t normally answer my phone if I am not prepared to have a new client conversation), yet here I am answering a number I don’t recognize in the isles of a tile store…..she tells me she is a regional editor for Meredith Publishing.  I quickly start googling while I’m talking to her and discover that Meredith Publishing is like one of, if not the biggest magazine publisher in the country, their portfolio of publications is HUGE.  So now instead of strolling the isles, I’m FROZEN in the isle…

She goes on to tell me she’s found our portfolio online and she’s calling about one project in particular, “I think this is your actual house” she says…she pays me several compliments and says some lovely things and I am like mouth on the floor, frozen, looking around like “am I being punk’d in floor & decor??”  She then says there’s another project that has really caught her eye and would I be interested in submitting them for publication approval?  So now I am standing there with the biggest, dumbest smile you have ever seen in your life and I might have done a little jig in that isle of floor & decor….I mean this is like asking someone “would you like a winning lottery ticket?”  This is the holy grail for an interior designer….and for an interior designer who has never taken an actual design class in her life….I can’t even explain it.

I should also add that right around this time, my house was in the process of being featured in the 2nd ever issue of our new local magazine, Sacramento Home…the magazine wouldn’t be out for a month or so but it was in the works….so at this point I am literally crying and  like “WTF is going on?”….”what did I do to deserve this”….”just what in the actual what?!?!”….like I can’t even process all of this.  Side note and this will be a whole other blog post one day…my house GOT THE COVER of that Sacramento Home issue….so the tears and gratitude and confusion and excitement are just now at peak flow at the end of 2016….LOL  My poor husband.

So back to Karen…she sends me some paperwork and instructions on what to do for the submittal of two projects.  I call my client who is said “project number two” and I’m like “ummmm….how would you like your house to be in a national magazine?”…..and she’s like “what in the actual what?”…..LOL…and now I feel vindicated in my feelings.  Karen explains that the process is something like this:  a big group of publishers from around the country, sitting in a room, sharing their submissions and we wait and see…it’s also a long shot for one, let alone both…but we give it a shot.  A few months go by and I try not to be anxious but I mean come on, who am I kidding??  I WANT THIS SOOOOO BAD…the good news is, I got that cover in the meantime and I had something else to occupy my neurosis…and then it happens….BOTH projects are selected….again…”WHAT IN THE ACTUAL WHAT?!?!”

So now the hard part…logistics and making these photo shoots happen.  They decide to do them at the same time.  One day at our clients and 3 at our house.  There was a bit of a delay in getting things scheduled and to complicate matters, my client SELLS her house during all of this (I mean really Jen??)  we are NOT missing out on this opportunity and we need to get this place photographed before the closing and move!  Thankfully, it happens by the skin of our teeth.


Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

In case you are wondering what this process is like…..IT IS A DAMN PRODUCTION!  They send in a stylist, mountains of stuff and a photographer….all of whom are like The A Team at this level.  On my end, I really needed to get some rooms pulled together.  That cute pool side studio of ours has been sitting empty since we moved our studio to Sutter Street and while the renovation was awesome and jakes room was done, I just needed to get this place in ‘national magazine’ form.  (SIDE NOTE:  I will not disclose what I spent for fear my husband will read this)!  So anyways, I get this place pulled together, I make my family move out for 4 days so that they don’t touch anything and we even sent the fish to live at my besties house (thanks Jacir’s).  They did ask us to be there on the last day for some photo shoots and that was really fun.  My faves were some photos they took of Jake in his room, but they didn’t make the issue.

Better Homes & Gardens Photo shoot - Behind The Scenes

Better Homes & Gardens Photo shoot - Behind The Scenes

Then we wait….like we literally have no idea what issue our house will be in.  I had a feeling it would be summer because they spent a lot of time on my backyard, but remember, this shoot was beginning of December 2016….summer seemed like a lifetime away.  So life goes on and I know I have something really special to look forward to.  And then it happens…perhaps you saw this Instagram post!

And just like that, true story…that is how I discovered my first national magazine feature.  It was perfect.  I am humbled, I am grateful, I continually wonder how we got here, I am honored that people are inspired by our work and I know WITHOUT A DOUBT, none of this would be happening if not for this perfect group of talented women I have been blessed to work with.  And now you know, we have another Better Homes and Gardens feature in the works and we are told it’s probably the January issue.  Stay tuned!



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  1. Scott Jaworski

    Minus having to move the 20 gallon fish tank (again!), it was a great experience all around and one I’ll always remember. Keep up the great work! Love ya

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