Our newest Junior Designer, Eryn got married in beautiful Tuscany just over a year ago and when Leyla saw the photos, she knew it was blog material! So today we’re sharing all of the beautiful design details of her wedding day.

Here’s what she had to say about her wedding!

When Jon and I set out to get married we never thought in a million years we would be doing so in the middle of Tuscany alongside our closest family and friends.

When we got down to the business of planning we were overwhelmed by the prospects of hundreds of guests, expensive venues, and the thought of getting chased down by the venue coordinator to keep me “on time” made me sick! But let me be clear- there is a type of wedding for everyone, some people find peace in structured and others find it stressful. I am laughing as I write this because anyone who knows me, knows I am a structured person! But I totally live in a state of constant denial. I am a “go with the wind girl” who also has everything organized and labeled – that makes sense right?!

I have always said that the one thing I didn’t plan was my relationship with Jon, it is the one thing in life I just let be and to be quite frank I never really overthought anything with him, our friendship and our relationship came naturally.  We just enjoyed every moment and let life take us to this moment of planning our wedding. And that authentic adventurous feeling is exactly what I wanted our wedding to be.

After opting out of your traditional style wedding we had to decide where, when, how and how many!

Jon and I had just returned from our trip to Europe where we sat with my family in Italy on the wall of Lucca, having lunch for what seemed like hours. It was so peaceful and everyone was laughing, drinking wine and most importantly, we were all in the moment. I told Jon, let’s have a wedding like that! Where everyone is at the same table, like a spring Sunday dinner in the backyard, but with lots of candles and flowers of course.

So we did.

I will skip the year in-between from that moment until the day of our wedding, because I would tell you that I emailed over 150 villas to find the perfect one. I planned 22 adults travel going to the middle of Tuscany (and coordinated them all when they got there) by myself. There were details on details and emails on emails, coordinating either early in the morning or late at night because Oh Yeah- Italy is not on the same time as California! But I would do it all over again. So lets get to the juicy part, the details!

As a bride I was excited that I was getting married, as a designer I was elated that I was going to get to pick out every single detail down to the linen. I had planned on having three, seven foot tables with one long seamless linen down the middle. I flew over 160 yards of gray linen and 60 additional yards of white sheer, 3 vintage trays and a box full of my letter pressed menus and welcome cards. Lets talk about letter pressing- SO Jon and I decided we were going to design and letterpress our own invitations. Well we basically learned and it took weeks to execute the final product but I was so proud of us! Trust me- nothing brings you closer than fighting over the perfect wax seal. (lol)

For the dinner table my florist and I worked for a whole year perfecting the profile and choice of my flowers for the table, three for each table. I chose this beautiful green glassware that was tipped with a soft gold to place next to our ivory dishes. The name tags were tied with a green tassel and laid over the tossed napkin.  I intentionally choose not to have chargers, I wanted the table to feel like we set it ourselves but elegant at the same time. Tapered candles were placed to and fro in-between the florals. Everyone at my wedding teased me because the second time I cried was when I saw my table. I couldn’t believe what I had created for a year in front of computer was right in front of me.

For our ceremony, I knew that I wanted to be standing in front of something architecturally interesting. The Villa had a garden shed off to the side – it was perfect. I may or may not have had the gardeners move two lemon trees to frame with the window! Everyone’s chair was draped with white linen and my Aunt married us at 4pm on a Wednesday in Tuscany, birds, violin and all.  Please qeue all of my tears! Lol

We dined long into the night, laughed and shared stories at the table like families so often do. Shared tears of happiness at the sight of everyone dressed up, drank Italian wine, and danced until we couldn’t anymore. There may have been some limoncello at the end and our DJ may have stayed 2 hours longer than planned. The night was everything we wanted it to be, we had the most magical evening with our friends and family.

The week was still ahead of us at the villa the next morning but we had created an adventurous and magical experience for our guests. The week was filled with authentic moments and love and that is exactly what we wanted.

As the night came to an end, everyone retreated back to their rooms, so Jon and I unplugged the lights and sat one more time at our table and watched all the candles flicker until they were out. We felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our life together and for the life we had with our friends and family. And most importantly for this evening that we just had and shared with everyone that we loved.

To see more from their special day you can follow this link here

Vendor List

Venue: Villa Laura, Cortona Italy | Photography: Hickenlooper Photography | Wedding Designer & Planner: Eryn Albaugh (Bride) Company: Eryn Design | Day of Coordinator & Planner: Tuscan Wedding Events | Videography: Happy Wedding Films | Wedding Dress/Designer/Shop Purchased: Rita Vinieris – Dress Alyne | Grooms Suite: Ted Baker | Bride Engagement Ring: Brilliant Earth San Francisco Location | Bride Wedding band: Trabert & Goldsmiths | Groom Wedding band: Christy Natsumi | Makeup Artist: Adrienne Aereboe | Cake & Desserts: Sara Cake Design | Rentals: Preludio Noleggi | Linen’s, Décor & Details: Eryn Albaugh | Florist: La Gardina | DJ: Marco Morri | Music: Wedding Music & Lights | Invitation Suite, Menus: Eryn & Jonathan Albaugh – handmade custom by the bride and groom | Aisle Music: Simone Butini

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  1. A gorgeous wedding! An outdoor event is truly magical and with the addition of that setting – well words elude me. Every little detail from the flowers to the puddle of fabric was perfect.

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